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About: I like fire and powering gadgets from the sun(which is fire too) so i guess i just like fire

This project is a usb solar charger that is capable of charging all your usb gadgets in a green way from its 5 usb ports. This project is based around the instapark 20 watt solar panel (

This panel puts out 20 watts at 12 volts and will still achieve 12 volts in mild cloud cover. If you rely on power consuming gadgets look no further.

The project has a 10000 mah battery pack capable of charging a iphone 6 and galaxy s5 about 5 times and tablets like the ipad 1-1.5 times.(

The goal of the project was to make a powerful usb charger that is cable of charging phones and tablets multiple time while staying under a 100 dollar budget. The project cost exactly 100 dollars if you choose to use the optional usb hub. However by using a smaller panel and powerpack it is possible to make it much cheaper.

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Step 1: Gather Parts

Parts needed.

  • Power bank that can charge devices while being charged itself. This allows you to charge you gadgets without unplugging the solar panel.
  • Usb car Charger. I prefer this charger because is is cheap 2.84 and it's easy to take apart. (
  • Usb Hub (optional if you want to charge multiple devices at once).

Step 2: Tools

  • Soldering Iron and solder: Used for connecting the solar panel to the usb car charger. See this instructble for help with soldering (
  • Screw driver: For taking apart the usb car charger. May vary depending on your choice of car charger.
  • hot glue gun of other basic glue: For attaching the car charger to the back of the solar panel.
  • Multimeter: for testing your connection if you usb charger is working.
  • Velcro: for attaching the powerbank and usb hub to the back of the solar panel. This way you can easily grab the power pack when you are you need the portable power. (I don't know why radio shack calls velcro "hook and loop fasteners. Its just regular velcro.)

Step 3: Disassemble Your Charger.

If you are using they one I used ( just take the label of and unscrew. For others look around for screws. Most companies hide screws under labels. You should be able to find what is holding the car charger with a minute of looking.

Step 4: Guling.

Carefully apply how glue to the solar panel and press the car charger onto if firmly. Leave enough space of the power pack and the usb hub below.

Step 5: Soldering

Solder the solar panel wires to the usb car charger. Remember that the tip of the charger is positive and the side springs are negative. For help with soldering

If necessary you can use duct tape to secure the solar panel wires to protect your soldering joints.

Step 6: Velcro!

Leaving enough space for the hub and power pack place the adhesive velcro on the solar panels and the usb hub and power pack. Make sure the surfaces are clean and free of dust for the most strength.

Step 7: Wire It Up

Connect the power pack to the usb car charger using the micro usb cable.

Connect the usb hub, if you have one, to one of the power packs usb ports.

Test it out!

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    8 Discussions


    4 years ago

    Why not use a DC Buck converter 4.5-40v to USB 5v 2A. ($3 on eBay), just a hint.


    4 years ago

    I wanted too make a solar charger that could both charger my iphone5 and retain some battery. I have over 20 .518 volt at 4.02 amp solar cells. What sort of things would I need to complete this job?


    4 years ago

    what if my solar panel is around 18v can it work mine is 10watts solar panel

    1 reply

    It will work with the help of this car charger ( . Notice its 12-24 volt imput range. In addition if can handle up to one amp input and because your solar panel produces .6 amps you should be good.

    Best of luck


    This is great! Easy to follow, cost effective, pretty efficient/simple design, and overall really well done. The links to the parts are super helpful. Mine is already underway and it looks like it will turn out well- I'm excited to start charging stuff with it! Good work here, thanks a bunch.


    4 years ago on Introduction

    THIS IS SO COOL! This is such an amazing project and I'm so inspired. Such an awesome project!!!


    4 years ago on Introduction

    Wow! What an amazing, easy-to-follow design! I'm thinking of making these as a class project for my 6th graders! Thanks so much for the inspiration and keep inventing!


    4 years ago on Introduction

    This is a cool project, thanks for sharing! I hope we see lots more from you in the future!