Solar Heart




Introduction: Solar Heart


very very simple solar cell pendant.

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Step 1: Ingredients

1. Monocrystalline Silicon solar cell 5.5V 80 mA

performance parameters: Operating voltage: 5.5V Working Current: 80MA Power : 0.44W Dimensions: 77.5 * 40 * 3mm

2. High-Brightness 7-Color 5mm Blinking LED

3. Necklace

4. get 3D Files from

Step 2: 3D Print of Pendant Heart

Step 3: Soldering & Assembly

you may need to add resistor and 3v zener diode for led protection, but i didn't use it because i think the solar cell has low efficiency.

Step 4: Pendant Assemblies to a Necklace.

and then attach pendant to a necklace.

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