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This project was made 12 years ago, and has worked very well, The role up curtain is made up of two layers of space blankets and then the inside curtain. We needed to wind it up so we can get heat in the winter, and lower it in the summer and at night to keep the heat out and in the winter to keep the heat in. We use to burn 3 cord of wood a year. now we burn less that 2, This is the first in the series of solar projects we have done, and they all add up. We live 20 miles north of Saint John N.B. and at the time of this writing it was -6 F this morning and is now only 12 F. so it does work.

Give it a try

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    4 years ago on Introduction

    Hi there,

    Just so I understand, you lower the solar blankets, which absorb the heat from the sun, and then raise them back into the house to warm the house?


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    Reply 4 weeks ago

    Sorry for not getting back to you. We lower the blanket in the Summer, keeps the house cooler. Lift the blanket in the winter to let the sun in and it heats most of the house


    Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

    Yes, sorry to take so long, have been in hospital , having gall bladder out. and now contending with gout.

    We have snow cover now, and we have the curtain 1/2 way up. With sun out. No problem to have 80F in the living room and fans blow it around the rest of the house


    8 years ago on Introduction

    Well what can we say, It works and has been working for 12 years. The only thing we have had to replace is the Solar blankets. We find them at the dollar store. The weight at the bottom is a 2" pipe we joined it as we could not get into the house in one piece. Use your imagination. We are not the only one around here that is using the system. A friend of mine is using the same system in Fredericton, that is 60 miles further north. have fun and try something.


    8 years ago on Introduction

    Nice to see a project so enduring, and, 12 years ago, this was a minority technology as well, so you were cutting-edge.

    Thanks for sharing.