Solar Hydro Power Plant From MIRRORS

Introduction: Solar Hydro Power Plant From MIRRORS

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Solar hydro power plant is a incredible way of making energy (Electricity) from sun by using mirrors

This is a basic model which i built at home It consist of 96 mirrors which means the energy of sun is multiplied by 96 and you can focus it on a particular point because mirrors are freely movable




Parts Of Solar Hydro Power Plant:

  1. Heat Absorber
  2. Steam turbine
  3. Heliostats

Following are the materials you will need:

  1. Aluminium Tin
  2. Tyre Valve
  3. Black Paint/Black marker
  4. Tin piece
  5. Scissors
  6. 3 v DC motor and 3 v LED bulb
  7. Fiber reeper and screw and screw holder
  8. Square reflecting Mirrors

Step 2: Making Heat Absorber

For making an Heat Absorber do following Steps:

  • Take a tin and make a small hole on top of it
  • Make a funnel of paper (temporary) and pour in water through hole
  • Fix cycle Tyre valve in hole
  • Now apply heat resistant glue around valve to block leakages
  • Paint the tin with Black colour to maximize it's heat absorbing strength

Functions and Significance:

  • Heat absorber is an essential part because its function is to produce steam which turns the turbine
  • By adding valve the force of steam will accommodate in a particular point and it will apply more pressure (FORCE) on turbine
  • Black colour is essential because it will help water inside to reach quickly to it's optimum Temperature (Above 100 c )

Step 3: Making Steam Turbine

For making Steam Turbine do following steps:

  • Take a piece of metal and draw a circle from campus or outline cup or glass on metal piece
  • Cut the circle you had made
  • Distribute the circle into 8 equal pieces with the help of scale
  • Cut the lines you have made but leave from middle portion and also make a hole at the middle where the lines meet
  • Now bend the cut pieces as shown in figure above
  • Attach it to 3 v motor
  • Now fix the motor on the top of heat absorber with the help of thick copper wire
  • Join the 3 v led bulb with the back of motor

Step 4: Heliostats

For making Heliostats do following steps:

  • Take Fiber reeper and cut it into the pieces of 1 inch or other size
  • Fit screw holder inside it
  • now cut Fiber reeper in other style as shown in the figure
  • Then fit both pieces of fiber reeper together by screw so they can be move freely
  • Make 96 of them
  • Now cut square of 1 inch of reflecting mirror
  • Join mirrors with Fiber reeper

Advantage of Heliostats:

  • We can also fix the mirrors but the disadvantage is that then we will not be able to track sun
  • Heliostats are 360 degree rotate able and by this feature sun rays could be directed at any point this feature helps to track the sun


Assembling take place in following steps:

  1. Take 3 into 3 feet ACP Sheet or Cardboard sheet
  2. Draw 3 circles of different radius around the center of sheet
  3. Drill holes on the circles
  4. Fix Heliostats by screwing them on sheet
  5. place PVC pipe of 2 ft length in the middle of sheet
  6. Fix Heat Absorber and Steam Turbine on the top of PVC

Step 6: Setting the Heliostats

Put whole model under sun and start from a sequence and change face of each mirror until they all reflect sun light on Heat Absorber


When all 96 mirrors provide sunlight to thermal plant the water inside it will get hot and steam will rush out of valve which then turns the turbine and LED will be lit





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    9 Discussions

    I use a fountainpump to make warm water !

    I like your steaming Project !

    1 reply

    So you set the small mirrors so that different groups of them reflect the light on the can at different times? Well, if you don't have a clock drive to do the adjusting continually and automatically, I suppose that would be a good, and simple, way to do it, if each group of mirrors concentrates enough light on the can to operate the generator.

    Cute demonstration model! I would suggest some variations that people could try -- since it is just a model, you could fix the mirrors so that they have a focal point on the can when the light source is directly overhead, and then mount the whole thing on a stand that can be adjusted to point at the sun. This would be a lot easier. But someone ambitious might add the sort of drive used on telescopes. That probably wouldn't be worth it for a short demonstration, but if you could enclose the top to condense the water and re-circulate it. You might use an old turbine from a pump, maybe a part from a washing machine, as an efficient turbine, maybe use a larger motor or get a generator from a crank-powered flashlight, maybe use the electricity to charge a battery instead of lighting a light out in the sunlight. Or you could add a little dollhouse or a model building from a hobby shop (such as for train sets) for the light to shine in. It might be interesting to compare what a certain number of larger mirrors would do instead of so many tiny mirrors. I have some large metal panels with mirror surface on one side that would be very good for this sort of thing. Thanks for inspiring so many ideas!


    1 year ago

    Thats great! Its unusual for something so large to be modeled down and still be functional. Personally I would have entered this for the untouchables contest because most people are not able to experience this kind of structure!

    Really a brilliant effort .


    1 year ago

    Nice work bro! :D

    a very useful idea, but towards the end of the project you rushed and didn't show the output of the project properly.
    rest its a very good project and I always wanted to make one.

    That's an awesome way to reuse materials!