Solar Illuminated Jack-O-Lantern Twig Man




Introduction: Solar Illuminated Jack-O-Lantern Twig Man

This easy to create fall decoration will bring a smile to all those who see its whimsical appearance. Made from naturally gathered materials, things you probably have on hand and an inexpensive solar light this low cost decoration will be easy on the budget and use absolutely no electricity!

Step 1: Gather Materials & Tools

•Empty Cans, Medium Size with Lids

•Canned, Spray or Tube Paint & Brushes (I prefer Oil Based)

•Paint Markers or small brushes & paint for details

•Grape Vines, Twigs (Birch or Willow), Grasses (optional)

•Solar Powered Garden Lights

•Wire & Snips

•Glue Gun & Sticks

•Awe, Punch or Hammer & Nail to pierce can


•Paper for template

•Ribbon, Raffia, Sisal for decoration

•Scrap Fabrics (seasonal colors look best)

Step 2: Measure Can for Template

Measure can for template, cut paper to dimensions and set aside

Step 3: Paint Cans

Paint cans & allow to completely dry

Step 4: Design Template

Design piercing template while cans dry using a marker to create a dot pattern outline

Step 5: Wrap Template Around Can

When can is dry wrap outside with paper template and tape in place

Step 6: Stuff Can

Before beginning to pierce can place tightly rolled up rags or towels inside of can to help keep the can from crushing

Step 7: Set Depth of Awe

Wrap tape around tip of awe to set piercing depth & begin piercing can

Step 8: Accent Details

After completion of piercing remove template & use paint pens or brushes to accent details of pierced design

Step 9: Prepare Solar Light

Remove stake from solar light fixture and trace outline of lens onto the center of can lid

Step 10: Insert Solar Light Into Lid

Using an x-acto knife cut across outline of lens in pie shaped sections several times & push solar light into lid and set aside

Step 11: Create Twig Body

Create twig body for Jack-O-Lantern head by creating twig "arms" and wiring together & then folding 1/3 of the twig body over and placing arms at fold over point

Step 12: Add Additional Materials to Body

With glue gun or wire add additional grasses, raffia, twigs to complete the finished body

Step 13: Finish Twig Body

Wire body together, attach arms and divide legs with wire to separate them

Step 14: Attach Head to Twig Body

Wire body to head by poking two holes in the bottom of can and feed the wire thru twig body & holes in can, twisting wire together inside of can

Step 15: Dress Your Twig Man

Create clothing and hat out of scrap fabrics and hot gluing together on twig body

Step 16: Hang & Enjoy

Enjoy your newly created twig man

Step 17: Use a Wreath As an Alternative

Alternative to twig body would be to attach Jack-O-Lantern head into the center of wreath, attach bow, hang & enjoy

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