Solar Kettle and Quick Solar Cuppa

Introduction: Solar Kettle and Quick Solar Cuppa

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Solar kettle and quick solar cuppa


clear glass cups or double walled glass cups

borosilicate glass kettle or jar with glass lid

black glass marbles

2 mirrors or solar reflector

aluminium tray

Wire trivet or wire cake stand

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Step 1: Black Glass Heats Up

Why this kettle works
It will heat up with 20 minutes direct sunlight, and heat proportionally faster with mirrors and reflectors.

Black glass marbles heat up and hold heat evenly.
Round glass marbles have the least amount of surface contact with the outside container.
They trap heat from the sun and retain the heat inside the container.
Their large surface area heats the water in the kettle.
The marbles are inert and smooth and their surface sterilizies in the sun.
The marbles are too big to go down the spout of the teapot.

I use the kettle all day for pre-heating water for cooking and making cups of tea.
A quick look at the thermometer tells you if its the right temperature or if you need the next step too.

Step 2: Making a Solar Quick Cuppa

What you need

Glass tea cup

Glass lid for tea cup
Black glass marbles

2 mirrors set at 60 degrees

Aluminium foil tray

Use your preheated water from the solar kettle or cold water.
Place a clear glass lid on the marbles and water.
Leave in the sun with the tray set for 5 minutes time to the sun.

Step 3: Add Tea Bag and Steep

Solar cuppa

When the water is bubbling in the sun, or has reached your tea making temperature
Add a teabag
Put the glass lid back on.
Leave in the solar mirror focal area for another 5 minutes

Step 4:

Spoon out black marbles

Add milk, sugar, or other flavours
Chai tea has cinnamon and cloves which are antiseptic and mildly insect repellent.

Step 5:


Here is a pair of Bolle welding sunglasses, that look like ordinary sunglasses.
They are safe for welding, glass blowing and SOLAR COOKING.
This is the essential first ingredient in all solar cooking projects.

Some sunglasses will provide some protection from concentrated sunlight,
but to be sure, and to be safe, every time, every day, PLEASE consider getting a pair of these.

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    4 Discussions


    4 years ago

    Looks like fun! This simple way of utilizing the elements of sunshine and water to create a comforting beverage anywhere must make it taste especially wonderful! Nice!


    Reply 3 years ago

    Thanks, makes making a cuppa in the garden on a sunny day just that bit easier. Grandkids love sticking their hands into the marbles to feel how hot the water is though!


    4 years ago