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Objective : to build a small solar lighting system without to store energy, composed of solar panels, step-up module and led circuit.

a sciencetoolbar project http://sciencetoolbar.com

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Step 1: Materials Used to Build Solar Lighting System

1.Small solar panels – 2 peaces

Solar panel 0.5 W 5 V max.

2. led circuit ( 5 leds )

The led is known for the low power consumption.

3. step-up booster

Type: Switching type DC-DC Step Up Boost Module; Model: XL6009
Input voltage: 3-34 V. Output voltage: continuous adjustable (4-35 V). Output current: 2.5 A (MAX). Input current: 3 A (MAX). Input methods: IN + input is level, IN-input negative. Output way: OUT + output is level, OUT-output negative. Adjustment: first correct by input power supply (3-34 V, between) Output voltage: 4-35 V continuous adjustable Dimentions: 45 x 20 x 14mm Weight : 11gr

4. wires

Step 2: Operations :

Connect solar panels (dc voltage) to the step up booster input through wires.

Connect the led circuit ( dc voltage) - 5 leds to the step up booster output.

a sciencetoolbar project http://sciencetoolbar.com

Step 3: Important Note !

If you will connect the led circuit directly to the solar panels, the led circuit will not work.

a sciencetoolbar project http://sciencetoolbar.com



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    the presented project, is a small scale project, we are thinking to use it to light during the day basements and parkings, and also to integrate it in a energy recovery project, we wish to avoid energy storage in our furure projects (no batteries)