Solar Lighting Using Water and a Bottle

Hi, this is a fun project to do for children who love to play in boxes!  It's simple enough and does not take very long to do.  What I like about this idea, is that it engages the children to think 'outside the box' while actually playing inside the box. ;)  By using different colored paper stock and cutting out different shapes, each child can have their own favorite shapes, animals, toys, flowers, clowns, etc.  Plus they are free to change it up to whatever interests them that day. 

I also like to glue the cutout pieces with white glue onto the ceiling of the box and glue black construction paper around the top edge of the box.  Just a tiny little drop holds them in place and lets you change them, too, when the child changes the paper tube.  The children are free to easily change them or mix and match to their heart's content.  In a proper fully closed up box, you would see the light making patterns on the wall, but unfortunately, my camera would not work inside the box due to the short focus and lighting.

It is also a great project that with a slight modification on how it is installed, can provide free solar light to outbuildings such as barns, a lean-to, sheds, etc.  Think anyplace where you are not likely to have access to electricity.  Places such as housing for the very poor or schools in 3rd world countries where lighting and power don't go hand in hand.  In those instances, rather than poking holes through the bottles, just wire or tie the bottles in the roof at the desired height (it must protrude above the roof line to catch the sun) and seal the edges to prevent rain from entering.  For example, if several of these are installed in classrooms in impoverished countries, they could provide better lighting for the children to read and learn by.  By painting and decorating them, they can make them into a fun project for the children which lets them also personalize their lighting.

If I win the Laser cutter, besides jumping for joy, I would use it to make lots and lots of projects for the children to play with so that they open up their imaginations and learn how fun creating things really can be.  It's hard cutting some intricate designs by hand for things like this, but with the Laser cutter, it would be a piece of cake.  I would be able to really create some super intricate and beautiful cuts and designs for not only this, but so many other arts and crafts projects.

I would also use it for making flyers and handouts for my fund raising for rescues that I do here in Las Vegas.  What better way to really capture someone's attention then to have truly interesting and engaging flyers.  Perhaps, though, one of the most fun ways I would use it would be to offer personalized engravings of people's pets on beautiful pieces of wood in exchange for donations to the rescue. How cool would that be! I could spend all day listing out so many different ways I could put it through its paces.  As I am sure you know, this Laser printer has unlimited possibilities for how I could use it both personally  and also for unique and personalized gifts in return for different tiered donations to the local rescue. I imagine I would 'burn through' tons of wood and paper if I won it - LOL!

Thank you for considering my entry!



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