Solar Markers




Introduction: Solar Markers

At night when out camping with the camper, there are lots of tripping hazards and other stuff/gear to bump into.
So I thought I'd make some simple and cheap solar markers.

I bought some cheap LED landscape lights (2 for $3) and  bought a pack of  orange practice golf balls.
There is not much involved to making them.
I used clear silicone around the LED to secure the golf ball over the LED. Making sure that the ball doesn't interfere with the on-off switch.
With the light/marker being placed upside down, there would be an issue if it rained.
My son had several small plastic display cases that once held miniature WWII tanks.
So the cases will cover the lights when being used at night and then will hold the lights up-right when being charged during the day.
Another item that might could be used to cover them, would be small clear throw away drinking cups.



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    markers spread out along the perimeter/wall of a campsite


    I finally was able to find some small clear drinking cups. The solar marker fit perfectly inside of them.

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    Charging my solar markers and other gadgets in preparation for my camping out at a lake over the Labor Day Weekend


    These are really cool. I'd love to see this done as a step by step, although the project is probably simple enough to puzzle out on one's own. The golf balls were an inspired choice to diffuse the light. That last photo looks awesome. These definitely have applications beyond the campsite.

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