Solar Outdoor Light Setup With Old Car Batteries




Introduction: Solar Outdoor Light Setup With Old Car Batteries

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hi all

i have setup an solar system with old car batteries to cut down the electricity bill see the video for full setup and overview

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Step 1: Used 110watts Solar Panel

Kaneka's new hybrid amorphous-silicon solar panels generated watt-power is approximately same as that of other crystalline silicon solar modules during the winter, but in summer the Kaneka Hybrid generates more power compared to many other crystalline silicon PVs. The combination of thin-film polycrystalline silicon and amorphous silicon help to "trap" light and offer improved conversion efficiency. These solar panels also use a lead-free solder..

Step 2: Pwm Solar Charge Controller 10amps

this is cheap but effect solar charge controller for now. i future will change it to a pttm solar charge controller

Step 3: Old Restored Car Bateries

i got around 10 batteries from the junkyard 6 of them restore to good contion

Step 4: 12 Volt LED Lights

no power invertors were used as it itself consume some energy. So lights are connected directly to the batteries.

Step 5: Timer and the Control Panel

the LED lights are turned on and off via timer. in future in will be changed to an light sensor

Step 6: Money Saved With This Setup

this is my home free energy solar setup to power led light around the house.

Total cost of this project 500AED = 130$

Electricity bill saved per month 200AED = 55$

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    5 Discussions


    4 years ago

    with out car batteries -> with old car batteries?

    Would it be an idea to switch off the LED lights as soon as the battery voltage drops below a certain level to protect the batteries? The 12 volt LED light tubes use resistors to limit the current. Waste of energy. Use constant current drivers?


    Reply 3 years ago

    lol it was old batteries.

    yes it am going to add a constant current drivers, but so far all good


    4 years ago

    Likin the music. Tropical House ?


    4 years ago

    Great instructable! Assuming it was left constantly on, have you calculated how long the lighting lasts considering the wattage of the fluorescent tubes?