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Introduction: Solar Panel Lighting

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Hello Everyone

I`m in the middle of redecorating my Home , and decided to enhance the appearance of my plants with LED lighting.

I went and bought a few planters , added some strong plants that love sun and placed them outside my kitchen.

Now , when the evening comes, without the LED i will not enjoy their looks.

So , for that the next cool ( and easy ) project comes.

eNjoy and let me know what you think

Cheers !


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Step 1: Materials List

You need to buy the next :

Solar panel:

Solar panel charger :

12v 5AH lead acid battery:

6 Meter of wiring

Wire terminal ends:

Led strip ( Waterproof )

Crimp stripper

Soldering iron + tin foil

Time + Coffee + Music

Step 2: Construction Time #1

I needed to place the Solar Panel at agood location facing the sun , so i built this mount so i can place it against the wall

Used two aluminum angles ,attached them to the Solar Panel back cover , attached to it the wood board, and from it two additional wooden boards

Step 3: Construction Time #2

Continuing with the build

Step 4: Attaching the Solar Panel to the Wall

I drilled two holes in the wall facing the sun ( east ) -and slided the solar panel inside it

Step 5: Drill Holes in Wall for Solar Panel Controller

I need to place it in somewhere where it`s dry , and wont be in the sun , i i will need to build it some cover.

I decided the best place would be on some internal wall - outside of the building - where it`s quite dry

I will run the wired inside a small wiring canal so they wont " fry " in the heat of the sun

Step 6: Wiring Time

Now we need to start wiring all the cables from the Solar Panel to the controller

Since the original cable that came with the Solar Panel is short, i had to cut it and extend it using a different cable

I solder end caps for each wire, and made sure it is sitting tight.

Step 7: Battery Placement

Sooooo , the lead acid battery would need to be placed in a good location without direct sun or water.

I`m placing it near the solar panel controller - good place

Step 8: Continue Wiring the Cables

Make sure all the wires are properly attached . and if you can , make sure that even if it will rain , the wires wont be exposed to water

Step 9: Prepare LED Strips

I chose the regular SMD 5050 LED strips.

Cut two pieces of 60cm each , connected them together . and taped them to a 60cm plastic bracket

This bracket than we will stick in the palnter ( using two clippers for each bracket ) -it would be like an anchor

Step 10: Have a Beer Brake

A must !


Step 11: Connecting the Light Sensor

I bought a small electrical part that feels when there is not light , and then , close a switch and transfers all the power gathered from the solar panel to the battery .- and from the battery to the LED.

Once the morning comes , the sensor will "feel " there is light and will turn off the switch --> and the battery will be recharged from the solar panel once again

Step 12: Add External Wooden Shell

to make sure the rain won`t touch my creation :)

Step 13: Done!

Looks good

Sometimes when i wake up during the night to drink something, it`s nice to see it

Hope you like!

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    3 years ago

    אני רואה בירה ישראלית - חושב שזו פרסומת - מגלה שזה לא חחח


    3 years ago

    Awesome! I'm doing something similar but on a yard-sized scale. I am using a deep cycle marine battery and automotive LED lights. Do you know what level of wattage PV panel I should use?

    Keep up the good work!

    cool austin
    cool austin

    Reply 3 years ago

    you would need to know the wattage of the lights (volts x amps) then multiply that number by how many hours you expect to have the lights on. the solar panel should be the size of that number or higher. eg: I want to run a 12v light that draws 2 amp so 12x2 = 24w and If i run it for 3 hours then the solar panel needs to be 72 watts. I would choose higher to account for potential lack of sunlight on odd days and for panel efficency


    Reply 3 years ago

    got it, thanks.


    3 years ago

    Great idea, was looking for a system to power a number of IP cams on my property as well as the wi-fi repeater!


    3 years ago

    Nice very small scale setup.