Solar Panel Mods

Introduction: Solar Panel Mods

I have solar panels at home and I know some tricks to get more power when you put your solar panels in the sun. Having reflectors, mounts and glass will give you a better charge.

Step 1: Reflectors

Angling reflectors will create more sunlight for the solar panels. I took aluminum foil and wrapped it around cardboard and the taped it together on the back.

Step 2: Glass and Plastic Over Panels

Glass and plastic allows weaker solar panels to give more power. Having glass helps a lot especially if you are using a solar oven. As you can see in the picture you can barely see the cell but almost all of the panel is glass. This is probably is a .5volt solar panel but charges 6 LEDs. (It's from a garden light)

Step 3: Mounts

Depending where the sun is or your elevation, you can create a mount made out of cardboard to angle your solar panel.

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