Solar Portable Easy to Carry LED Light System





In this instructable we will build a solar light which we can use as a street light , study lamp , torch, portable light, hanging window light .etc

While making this light i have used the things which are easily available in backyard & market.

Things Required

1) 5W 6V Solar panel ( Monocrystaline) = 5$

2) Dc phone charger = 0.75$

3) Lithium ion battery from old laptop = Free = if you buy than it will cost you =3$ (1 pcs)

4) ON /OFF switch =0.15$

5) J screw for stand = 0.02$ (2pcs)

6) old LED buld diffuser = free

7) LED STRIP = 0.3$

8) IPOD touch case = Free

Step 1: Let's Do It

Step 1

1) take the dc charger and open it from its casing otherwise you can stick it directly on the panel with hot glue. But in this instructable i have opened it.

2) After opening the DC charger now we will connect the input points with solar panels

(NOTE : connect +VE terminal of charger with +VE terminal of solar panel and -VE terminal of DC charger with -ve terminal of solar panel.)

3) Take 2 lithium ion battery of 2200 mah (3.7V) and connect both the battery in parallel so that voltage will remain same but current will increase.

4) Stick DC charger and battery with hot glue.

5) Take the ipod touch case and cut it according to the wires from where we want it to go through and cur the section for switch as well as shown in the pictures.

6) After connecting all wires according to the circuit shown take the ipod touch case and cover battery , charge controller & switch inside it .

7) With the help of "hot glue" stick the LED light on the solar panel surface.

8) connecting LED lights, in this project i have used 4V LED strip and i have cut down in 3 parts to distribute the light properly.( NOTE : i have connected all the 3 LED light strip in parallel connection so that voltage will remain same)

9) Take the diffuser and place it on the LED light with the help of hot glue.

Step 2: It's Done

Now we have completed all the main work

We will use the j screw to make the stand of the solar panel

its really simple we just need screw it up and its done.




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    5 Discussions

    Crash Plague

    2 years ago

    Can I ask where you picked up your solar panels from? $5 is a good price!

    1 reply
    UtkarshS8Crash Plague

    Reply 2 years ago

    I picked this panel from Lumen City company(India ) , this company helps to grow humanity with green energy. This company offers the price equivalent to manufacturing cost.