Solar Power Plant

Introduction: Solar Power Plant

Nowadays, all is about saving energy but why not generating energy.

With our solar power plant, we generate energy by using sun power and water. Moreover, it can also be used as a solar oven. So, it is two in one, you generate a little amount of electrical energy and you can cook some dishes with solar energy.

Plus, you can find nearly all the elements needed at your place.

Material List:

- Cardboard box

- 1 glass bottle

- Aluminium sheets

- 2 small plastic pipes

- Some steel wires

- 1 little fan

- Screws

- 1 plastic plaque

If you want to do it by yourself, let's follow the different steps !

Step 1: Building the Bottle With Pipes

First, you need to build the bottle with pipes.

The first pipe (blue one on the picture) is used to put water in the bottle. The red pipe is used to evacuate the water vapor created.

As you see, you need to put two pipes into the bottle and to fix them with strong glue (or anything else) that can provide a complete impenetrability (The water vapor should not be lost).

Step 2: Merging Box and Bottle

Now that you have the bottle made, you have to cover all the inside of the cardboard box with aluminium sheets. The aim of this is to concentrate solar energy.

Then you need to merge the two elements you just made by making two holes for the pipes at two sides of the box (see picture). You also need to fix the bottle, so it won't fall down inside the box.

Step 3: Making the Fan

You need now to build the fan. You need to fix the fan with cardboard using screws.

You also need to fix a steel wire (see picture) that will be used to support outing pipe with water vapor.

Step 4: Assembling Fan and the Box

Now, you need to assemble the fan and the box together.

Set the fan outside the box where the outing pipe (red one in this case) goes out of the box. Fix it as the photo suggests.

Finally, put the plastic plaque on the box in order to be closed.

Now you can plug the fan wire to whatever you want. Put some water in the blue pipe, let the water boil and with the water vapor the fan will works and produce electrical energy !

You can cook but you can also charge your phone...

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    3 Discussions


    1 year ago

    This is neat but, i really do not want anyone to believe this has even the remotest chance of working. 1. a cpu fan can not be used to produce power. 2. you are not going to produce any volume of steam or pressure. I kindly request you remove this instructable before others are fooled.


    6 years ago on Step 4

    The PC fan that you will not produce much power, However if you tweak the fan by removing the circuitry and wiring a bridge rectifier, you should get some good power to charge your cellphone. Please note that the voltage that is produced by the fan will vary based on the speed of the fan. So you would need a voltage regulator to give you a constant voltage. If the Voltage is above 12 volts, you can use a standard Car charger to convert it to 5 volts that most phones use nowadays.