Electronic Origami Present


Introduction: Electronic Origami Present

Assemble solar panel by soldering components to board.


Step 1: Electromechanical Componet

Add motor to motor circuit.

Use super glue to bond the back of the panel to the motor..

Step 2: Origami Componet

Now to make the origami box to put the electronic guts in.

Follow these directions.

Step 3: Merger Time

Now to put the solar assembly into the newly made box, the storage capacitor needs to be relocated with wire, then cut out a hole slightly smaller than the panel.

Step 4:

Now that the solar panel is in place, super glue can be used to increase stability.

And now we have a light activated fun present!



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    3 Discussions

    It looks like a BEAM Solar motor kit from Solarbiotics, (your link goes to a university website), and your instructions do mention adding the motor, but I really don't see a MOTOR or Wheels there. Perhaps you could add a little more clarification?