Air-Lift Irrigation



Introduction: Air-Lift Irrigation

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This is an instructable for making a solar powered air-lift irrigation for the vertical or hanging garden.

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Step 1: Items

  1. 2.40v solar panel
  2. 2 meter electric cable
  3. Battery powered air pump
  4. Aquarium air tube
  5. Air valve
  6. 3-way air connector



Step 2: The Connections

  1. Firstly, I connect the air tube with the 3-way connector.
  2. One the air tube, I connect it with the air valve (make sure to connect correctly)
  3. The same tube, I connect it with the air pump.
  4. The next tube, I connect it with the water reservoir.

Step 3: The Test

    1. When the sunlight is sufficient, I switch on the air pump.
    2. The water from the reservoir flow to the 3-way connector. Because there is a air valve installed, the water is prohibit to flow into the air pump.
    3. The generated air then push the water up (air-lift) to the top planter.

    Step 4: The Irrigation

      1. The water flow nicely at the top planter.
      2. Soon, the water will flow back into the reservoir.
      3. The cycle continue.

      Step 5: The Setup

      This is how I arrange the solar powered air-lift irrigation for the vertical garden.

      Happy gardening!

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