Solar Powered Christmas Wreath




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Switch garland or wreath shape for anything you want! Solar lights will give you inside or outside wonderful lighting.

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Step 1: ​1. Gather Supplies

  • Wreath

  • Solar Globe Lights(We used these ones)

  • Christmas Decor(Garland, Ornaments, Balls)

Step 2: ​2. Wrap Wreath

Wrap garland around wreath or you can go for a minimalist edge and leave plain.

Step 3: ​3. Apply Lights

Spread apart two wires and place around garland spike to secure in place.

Step 4: ​4. Assemble Decor

Assemble decor as desired & wire around wreath
Now you can do the last finishing touches. Hide any wires as best you can. Straighten/add decor pieces & maneuver lights so they are evenly spaced and coincide with your taste.

Step 5: Enjoy!



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    1 year ago

    That's really pretty, and a great decor idea! You won't need to go and turn them on each night :)