Solar Powered Outdoor Table Lamp Made From Pallets




Introduction: Solar Powered Outdoor Table Lamp Made From Pallets

Step by step process on how to make a solar powered table lamp from pallets. This lamp will allow a cable free and green way to add lighting to your outdoor furniture. 

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Step 1: The Base

Start by disassembling your pallets. Then from the leftover wood decide the dimensions of your base and lay out the necessary pieces required to do so. Mark out the required space, cut and then laminate the pieces together with wood glue. Once laminated if the pieces have uneven surfaces sand them down so that it can rest evenly on a table.

Step 2: The Stand

Find pieces of pallet wood that you can cut roughly 3.5'' x 12'' pieces. you need 4 of these. sand them all down so that they are all exactly the same height so they can rest evenly to the base and the lampshade that will be made and attached later. Screw the pieces together as shown in the picture.

Step 3: Attaching the Stand to the Base

Measure where the center of your base is and place the stand there and trace where the stand needs to be. Mark where the stand wood can and can not be drilled on the base. Mark and drill your holes on the base then clamp the stand and place the base on the stand and drill again and then screw in your screws.

Step 4: The Shade Holder

Take a piece from a base of a pallet. cut down the piece so that it may fit into the stand. DO NOT screw the holder in yet. This will be done after you line it up with the shade once it is made.

Step 5: The Shade

Cut 2   8'' x 5'' pieces, 2   3.5'' x 12'' pieces, and 1    7'' x 12'' piece. I did not have a piece that would cut down to be 7x12 so I laminated two smaller pieces together.  Then attach them all together as seen in the picture. Do not attach the shade to anything else yet.

Step 6: Light Source

Purchase two solar powered lights. I used two hanging bulbs that had 4 LEDs in each. Once you have your lights ready mark where the lamp shade holder will go and drill two holes slightly smaller than the diameter of bulb equal distance from it. My bulbs had to plastic pieces sticking out on either side for a holder, I used those as extensions so that my bulbs could lie flush with the shade. I used a round file to bring it down to the correct size and depth.

Step 7: Finishing Up

Now that the lamp shade is ready place the holder into the stand and screw that in. Then place the shade over the holder and screw that in to the marked area from before. Now all you have to do is place your completed table lamp outside. It will charge during the day and keep your table lit at night. 

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    6 years ago on Introduction

    As an improvement you could line the inside of the shade with tin foil paper. This would enhance the light shone down and reduce the light leakage through the sides. Infact you could adapt it to use as many solar lights as required.


    8 years ago on Introduction

    great idea. maybe I should take my solar lights out of the trees.. na. they look to cool at night


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks! I should get some solar lights for my trees. Would create some nice lighting at night.