Solar Powered Phone Charger Necessities

Introduction: Solar Powered Phone Charger Necessities

To Build A Solar Powered Phone Charger you will NEED 3 THINGS:

1.Solar Panel (from Radioshack or Amazon-5$)

2. Portable Phone Charger (from Radioshack or Apple-30$)

3. Cell Phone Charger

Step 1: Taking Apart Your Portable Charger

To begin you must unscrew and dismantle your portable phone charger. From there you should have located two things:

Your mainboard: as seen above (green)

Your Lithium-ion Battery:as seen above (gray)

Step 2: Putting It All Together

From there you will keep those two items attached. Next you will have to find your outlet (where you plug in your portable phone charger) and cut those wires in half. To will then take your solar panel and solder it together with those two wires ( does not matter which one). Next you will take the end to a charger for your phone (end that goes into phone) and solder it on the main board where it says In+ and out-. Again it does not matter which wire goes to which. From there you will now have a finished product. Your solar panel will charge your rechargeable battery which will then power you phone.

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