Solar Shrubs




I designed the Solar Shrub because I love the idea of using solar energy to reduce my carbon footprint. But let's face it, solar panels are UGLY!

The original Solar Shrub was my proof of concept. I designed it to be a functional, but more aesthetically pleasing version of a small solar charger and it does a great job of charging my iPod, iPhone, and lots of other devices.

But my real dream is to design and build many different shapes and sizes of solar shrubs... from small tabletop models to larger bushes and even trees that can provide solar power to homes.

Here's my plan:
  • First, I'll improve the design of the original Solar Shrub making it more efficient, easier to assemble, and more suitable for packaging and shipping. For example, I'll make the stems "pluggable" and include capacitors and/or chargable batteries to allow the Solar Shrubs to hold a charge longer.
  • I'll also apply for patents on my original designs.
  • Then I'll research parts suppliers and manufacturing partners so I can provide the best balance of¬†quality and price.
  • Next, I'll develop an e-Commerce website to offer Solar Shrubs to the world, either fully assembled or as a do-it-yourself kit.

But that's only the beginning!

  • Next I'll get started on developing many other solar shrub designs. Some will resemble small and medium sized plants and will include advanced features like motor-driven branches that automatically turn toward the sun.
  • The bigger ones will resemble bushes and trees and will be wired into inverters in your home to supplement or even replace yard or roof mounted solar panels.
  • I'll also investigate other opportunities for Solar Shrubs such as offering them as public charging stations for parks, atriums, and more.
So this is my dream, to beautify solar energy!



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