Solar (Soda Bottle) Light Bulbs! - DIY (Solartubes) - Pure Natural Sunlight! (50w Equivalent)



Introduction: Solar (Soda Bottle) Light Bulbs! - DIY (Solartubes) - Pure Natural Sunlight! (50w Equivalent)

About: hi there. on this instructable channel i'll be covering all types of DIY solar power projects (as well as off-grid/survival/green living projects) that are easy to make out of readily available products and ...

in this instructable i'll show you how to make solar "soda bottle" light bulbs

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Step 1: Watch Short Instructional Video...

Step 2: Read Description...

video shows how to make solar "soda bottle" light bulbs. "full spectrum" natural sunlight has been shown to be the best type of light overall for general health and well being. and it's free!

Step 3: Items Needed...

1.) one or two liter plastic bottle

2.) 3" - 4" thermoplastic roof flashing i used ALL FLASH(R) NO-CAUK(R) FLASHING by Oatey. you can get this at a homestore

3.) bleach

Step 4: The Build...

fill a one liter or two liter bottle with water. add a few drops of bleach to make sure nothing grows in the water. and tighten the lid on. then slide the roof flashing over the bottle see pics. it makes a nice seal around the bottle.

Step 5: Here's the Underside...

here's the underside with and without sunlight going thru

Step 6: In a Small Room (with No Windows)

see pics above... works great! (in full sun, it works similar to a 50 watt (incandescent) light bulb. note: these are obviously hard to install in a room with an attic or roof insulation above it. the best way to use these is thru a roof or structure without attic or roof insulation, such as a shed or storage room etc... one alternative idea would be to install it on a side of your house that gets lots of sun, higher part of a south facing wall maybe.

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