Solar Step Lighting




Step lightings are costly to fix and waste energy to run. Why not go solar for a buck?

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Step 1: Cheap Solar Light Hack for Step Lighting

This hack is to replace non functioning step lighting with solar garden stakes from the dollar store. Works best for south facing sides, not recommended for shady areas since it is solar.

Step 2: Things You Need

Garden solar lights from dollar stores or $0.97 from walmart.
Sharp scissors
Mini screwdriver
Caulking - squeeze tube is ok

Razor blade
Soldering iron and solder
More low voltage wires if you need the wires to be longer

Step 3: Dissemble the Lights

You are getting a lot of bang for your buck! After some pulling, pushing and twisting, you should be able to take the black top out exposing the mini screws next to the led. Unscrew them and the whole thing should come apart.

Step 4: Remove Excess Plastic Next to Solar Panel

BE CAREFUL WHEN HANDLING THE SOLAR PANEL. Try not to pull the wires as it may become loose then you will need to solder it back. Or try prying the panel out, i believe it is glued down so you risk damaging it.

I decided to cut the plastic around it instead. Use scissors to make 4 cuts on each corner, the just peel the plastic back and cut it with razor blade. I trimed the little legs sticking out on the back as well. The plastic is really soft and easy to work with.

Step 5: Optional- Trimming the Light Assembly.

My existing housing is too narrow so i had to trim it to fit inside the housing.

Step 6: Caulking....

Step 7: Put the Light in Place

Caulk everything and put the light into place with the panel hanging out.

Step 8: Ta-da!

It worked perfect! Let me know what yall think!

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