Solar Stirling Engine Stand




I built this printed solar stirling engine from a construction manual from

The engine works really nice, only the stand is very weak. When I run the engine outside in the garden and there is wind it shakes and sometimes it tilts with the original stand.

All pictures and STL.-files for printing you find in the downloawd.

The pictures show the old stand (black) and my new design (blue). The new one is much more stable in the wind, especially when the big solar reflectors are built on.

You need the following printed parts:

2 x Stand

1 x Upper tube

2 x Lower tube (Cut 4 x M4 threads. See picture!)

2 x Extention

Other parts:

4 x Screw M4x40mm

6 x Washer M

1 x Screw M4x60mm

Step 1:

Print all parts from the download

Step 2:

Cut the threats

Step 3:

Assamble as shown on the picture

Step 4:

Connect it to the stirling engine.




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    1 year ago

    I dont have a video from my stirling, but here is the youtube link to the video from Andreas, who is the designer of this project:

    This looks great. Do you have a video of the engine in motion?