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Introduction: Solar System Bracelet

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Handcrafted solar system bracelet, made of planet photo, glass, copper, and leather band. each planet measures 1cm in diameter.

Step 1: Materials and Tools


  • 10mm round pendant tray with holes *8 pcs
  • 10mm round glass pendant tiles* 8 pcs
  • 8mm flat leather band * about 6 ines
  • photos of the planets
  • ribbon crimp end clasps
  • split rings
  • lobster clasp or snap clasp

All these can be found on Ebay.


Step 2: Make Planet Gem

First, get the images of the planets (I miss you Pluto) ,resize and layout. Since the glasses are magnifying, the each image should be a little bit smaller than 10mm. Print them with glossy photo paper.

Glue glass onto each photo. Technically any dry clear adhesive works, but they dry either dry to fast or too slow, it's tricky to make the photo and glass perfectly attached. So UV curing adhesive is the only choice.

UV curing adhesive is really easy to control, just squeeze some liquid on the photo, put on the glass, press the glass with one finger to let out bubbles between. The glue may overflow, that's fine.

Turn on the UV light for about 30 seconds, or follow the instruction came with your product.

If you don't have a UV light (black light), you can choose a sunny day, build a simple shed outside. Make sure all set then let go the shed. Usually the UV wave in sunlight is much more intense than artificial lights, it will dry in seconds.

When glue dried, cut the planet off along the edge. Clear the excess glue around carefully with a needle or whatever works include Goof Off.

Step 3: Make the Bracelet

Glue the glass gems onto the trays with regular super glue or metal glue.

Insert the leather band into the holes in right order and pull it through. Cut off a proper length for your wrist.

Step 4: Attach Clasps

Connect the clasp onto ribbon crimp ends with split rings first, then attach the leather band.

I prefer snap clasps, easy to fasten than lobster clasps.

Step 5: Done

You can garnish the end rings with some small charms.

There's also another option to make it with double-side-hole trays and split rings instead of leather band.

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Thanks a lot for the Instructable! Had a go at making one a few months back, very happy with the results :)


that is gorgeous!

iGreeny, as I mentioned before on your Solar System Bracelet instructable, it is very nice and simple to make. As I was reading through your instructions again I found a few miner type-O's / grammar mistakes in most of your five steps and introduction, for example "option" in stead of "opinion" in step five. I bring this up in case you would like to edit any corrections for future contests. Not a big deal just wanted to let you know. I did have a questions on the leather strap that you used, I am not familiar with cleaning or finishing leather but is there a way to make the edges smoother looking? Your photos are crystal clear and the edge of the leather stands out. Again the bracelet looks awesome and will make a wonderful gift. Good luck in the jewelry contest.

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Hey, thank you for the kindly advice, but English is my second language, sorry for the typos and mistakes..

I bought those leather strap on line, it's already finished when i got it. Though i have tried laser cut leather, it can make very clean edge.

Love this idea, so I'm definitely gonna go and try it out... Only I'm going to print out Harry Potter related photos because.. *cough*i'm a Potterhead*cough* Good luck with the jewelry contest!

Love this idea, so I'm definitely gonna go and try it out... Only I'm going to print out Harry Potter related photos because.. *cough*i'm a Potterhead*cough* Good luck with the jewelry contest!

I love this!!

iGreeny, nice bracelet. Very simple and easy instructions to follow.

This looks nice but you are missing a planet on that bracelet. There are supposed to be nine.

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There's that really nice Pluto picture from new horizons, you can always add that when you make yours.

PIA19857_hires.jpg Poor Pluto was downgraded from "planet" a few years ago.

I always say, "Pluto was big enough for your mom."

DITTO, max ~ mine will be made with PLUTO! x^) .... they're BEAUTIFUL, iGreeny!

What material did you use for your pictures? I've tried making this project several times, having the images printed at CVS from a flash drive, and each time my adhesive makes the ink run and blur. I've tried everything from E6000 to UV curing Magic Gloss!

1 reply

I guess it's the printer or ink issue, i have met this situation too. you may try apply a thin layer of ModPodge on photos first, or find a laser printer.

This bracelet is wonderful! My niece loves all things astronomy and this will make a perfect gift when her birthday rolls around. Thanks for the idea and the tutorial. :)