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bulb in a bulb ,solar system in a solar system just try and make it it you want some thing fantastic

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Step 1: Material Required

  • 200 Watt bulb
  • small bulb(3 v)
  • nail (5 cm)
  • pliers
  • wires
  • thermocol balls
  • screw driver
  • colors
  • 20 AWG copper wire
  • soldering iron and wire

Step 2: Dismantle the Bulb

Hold the bulb with a firm grip and remove the metal base . The gently break the lower part and be carefully

Step 3: Securing the Bulb Edges

Secure the bulb edges by the paper mache .To make paper mache mix the news paper,glue and water and make a paste and put it on the edges

Step 4: Making Holder for Planets

Take the copper wire of about 22 cm and twist it and wrap around the bulb.

Step 5: Making Solar System

Color the thermocol balls and put them in the order of the origonal solar system.Also solder the bulb as shown

Step 6: Make a Stand

Hot glue the nail to the end of the bulb. Next gently slide the solar system in it.

Step 7: Making the Base

Make the base from the card board and punch a hole through it and pass the wires and nail and hot glue the nail to the base. Stick the base to the bulb. Stick the black paper to make it look good.

Step 8: Enjoy the Delight

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    2 years ago

    This is a really great idea! The "sun" looks so bright it seems hard to see the other planets, but other than that this is really good!

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