Solar System Mobile




Introduction: Solar System Mobile

I made this solar system mobile for kids room.

Step 1: You Will Need

1 several different colors of yarn
2 different sizes of styrene form balls
3 crochet hook

scissors, craft glue, needle...

Step 2: A Single Crochet

Crochet 9 balls putting styrene form balls inside as Sun, Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune.

Step 3: Connect

Connect balls in good order of planets.

Step 4: Connect

The better changing the length of the each planet's strings If you could know the exact distance of each planets from the sun.

Step 5: Increase in Strength

Put glue on each joints.

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've done it! >^_^< I didn't change the length of the distance of the planets, I prefered to put them quite evenly. The photo is a bit dark, I'll try to get one lighter later. There's my Enterprise NX-01 near the planets ;D

Saturno Urano.jpgterra Australia.jpgTerra e Marte.jpgterra pacifico.jpgsistema solare.jpg
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Thank you to you for giving away your beaufitul idea. Btw, I filled the planets with wool (the one in the pillows), so they were a bit too haevy for the crocheted chains, I I put a transparent nylon yarn thru all the system. :)

How many stitches there are at the "equator" of the sun? Do you started with 6 stitches? It's just to have an idea to start. Thank you.

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I used a styren ball the size of 60 millimeter for the Sun. So there Are 60 stitches at the " equater" of the sun. And yes, I started with 6 stitches :)

When you click on "View all steps" or "Download pdf" you get an instructable for an LED project.

This project is cool and usung the relative distances between planets is really nice and a good way to talk astronomy without seeming pedantic but read up a bit so you know your basic solar system facts.

A super project is a public walk with planets starting with the Earth as pepper corn size, or one walkable in 8 minutes (the time it takes light to travel the range of our system),

Good work!
Gabh an latha,

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Thank you for the information!
I'll check these up :)

Beautiful and very elegant.I expecially love Jupiter : bellissimo !

Nicely done, I'd love to make something Saturn looks good and a like you did the strips on Jupiter.

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Thanks! I was careful not to use too many different colors so as not to fancy the whole design of mobile. I love these strips on Jupiter too :)

Thanks! All I did was just a single crochet according to the size of ball. Better you change the color of each planets as you like!