Solar System

Introduction: Solar System

This is an original costume created for my 8 year old:

Materials you will need:

1.  Sheet of foam large enough to make a circle to cover the front and back of the person who will be wearing the costume.
2.  Battery powered mini-lights (optional).
3.  Orange fabric to cover the foam.
4.  Fun foam and/or tulle to make the sun's rays (we used glitter fun foam and tulle).
5.  Hot glue gun and glue sticks.
6.  Smooth styrofoam balls for all the planets.
7.  Paint to paint the planets and glossy spray paint if you want to make the planets shiny
8.  Small slinkies, wire or string to hang the planets.
9.  A hat
10. Wooden dowels
11. Large sunglasses

I cut out large circles to make the sun and put a hole in the front circle for my son's head to fit through.  I hot-glued the orange material over the circles (and put the mini lights between the layers of fabric and material).  I cut out the sun rays and then hot glued them on the back of one of the fabric covered circles.  I then hot glued the 2 circles together and stitched them in a couple of places to make sure they were secure.  You need to leave holes on either side for the arms and a hole at the bottom for the legs/waist (the costume goes on over your head and then you put your head through the hole in the front circle and your arms go out the holes in the sides).  I spray painted the dowels black and then pushed them through the hat.  My son and I painted the planets.  We glued strips of cotton around Earth for the clouds and put a plastic ring around Saturn.  I then hung the planets from the dowels on the hat using the slinkies.  We are planning to dress him in black sweats and put glow in the dark star stickers all over his legs and the black that is showing by the hole for the head.  If you wanted to skip the planets and just be the sun - you could skip making the hat and planets. 

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