Solar Terminal - Upgrade Stage 1




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Following a few suggestions on my first instructable, I have made a few upgrades and improvements.

First on the list, replacing the panel cabling and adding a fuse.

Step 1: Replacing the Cabling

I set about replacing the cabling with 30amp rated cabling in parallel to add current.

Step 2: Adding a Fuse and Remounting

I have added a 15w fuse to the 'Flora'  junction box and remounting on the pallet.

Step 3: Control Box Refurbishment

Stripping out the control box and refurbishment.

Step 4: Completely Empty

The box, now empty, ready for repair, staining and varnishing.

Step 5: Adding a Sloped Run Off on the Top of the Control Box

To save on water seeping into the box

Step 6: Replacing the Front of the Box

The front of the box needed replacing.

Step 7: Refitting the Electricals

Now to stain, varnish and refit the electrical equipment.



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    The original 'ible can be found here:

    I will post upgrades as I go. As for liking the upgrades, I feel safer. As for any benefits, wrong time of year really. Thankyou for commenting!


    6 years ago on Introduction

    Dan, it would be helpful if you posted the link to that first 'ible you posted.