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Solar energy is the biggest renewable energy and it is available almost everywhere in the world, purpose of making this project is that solar plates are stationary so plates can not use 100% solar power.

by using solar tracker energy production can be increased by 20 to 30 %

Step 1: Componsnts

  • Arduino Nano 1pc
  • USB CableFor Programming 1pc
  • SwitchSPDT 1pc
  • SwitchMomentary 1pc
  • Resistors10K Ohm 3pcs
  • LDR Sensor 2 pcs
  • Servo Motor9g 1pc
  • Power Source9 or 12 Volt 1pc
  • PCBCopper Clad/Zero PCB 1pc

Step 2: Circuit

Step 3: Video

Watch My Video

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    1 year ago

    nice but... did you try it in the sunlight too? I would love to see it work in open air...


    1 year ago

    How about you explain it here for those who dont have the bandwidth and also put your code in an ".ino" so this makes some useable sense. There are a million on here already

    1 reply