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Quick, easy, and safe build for viewing the eclipse.

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Step 1: Materials

Empty paper towel roll, Pencil, Pin, Sheet of paper, Tape, Utility knife

Scissors also work instead of a utility knife.

Step 2: Draw

Starting 2 inches away from one end of the tube, draw a rectangle that is 2 inches long and 1 inch wide.

Step 3: Cut

Cut out the rectangle. If using scissors, it maybe easier to start by punching holes into the four corners and cutting from there. That is how over 100 fourth graders did it this past Friday.

Step 4: Cut Paper

Cut the paper into four.

Step 5: Round the Square

Use only two of the four squares and round them off.

Step 6: Paper End

Carefully wrap paper over the end of the tube. Try to keep the paper over the hole as flat as possible.

Step 7: Tape

Tape the paper onto the roll.

Step 8: Repeat

Add paper and tape to both sides of the roll making sure to keep the paper as flat as possible over the holes.

Step 9: The Pin

Put a tiny pin hole into the center of the paper that is farthest to the rectangle opening.

Step 10: Finished

Tube is finished. Decorate as desired.

Step 11: Back to the Sun

Never look at the sun. This projector is for use with your back to the sun.

Step 12: The Sun!

Looking at your shadow, aim the pin hole of the tube toward the sun. The pin hole projects the image of the sun right into the viewer. Look into the rectangular viewer hole to observe the sun and the eclipse! Remember your back is to the sun.

This is totally awesome as we can view the sun and the solar eclipse without worrying about hurting our eyes.

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