Solar and 9V Battery Powered Mobile Charger

So this is my first instructable and today i am going to instruct to make a solar/9v battery powered mobile charger at cheap price.

Step 1: Materials Needed

1) SOLAR PANEL Rated above 5 volts


3)IC(Integrated circuit) LM 7805


5)Double sider tape

6)9V battery and battery clip

7)Some thin wires

8)A box according to your solar panel size

9)A USB port

Step 2: Making the Circuit

Make the circuit with help of the schematic on the veroboard or pcb.Then connect the solar panel and 9V battery clip to the circuit as mentioned in the schematic.Then connect the USB socket with the help of the usb pinout diagram.Make sure of correct polarity.

Step 3: Fitting Into the Box

Fit all the components in the box with double sider tape

Step 4: Checking

Place it in the sun or under halogen light or set a 9V battery to the clip and connect your mobile with the charger by a data cable to see it working...



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    5 Discussions

    Debajyoti sarkarmiraheng

    Reply 2 years ago

    according to the pic the panel is not getting enough sun so enough amt. of energy is not evolved


    2 years ago

    Correct connection is solar panel-diode-insert to the circuit with batteries......

    the diode function is prevent discharge batteries when no sun available with batteries connected......

    you must put a diode or use separate two primaries components.... batteries or sun......

    solar panel is like a battery: when sun present,give you current,when sun is not present absorbed current.........have good light ....


    2 years ago

    You need a diode for example 1N 4004, so that you not feed the panel when it is dark.

    1 reply
    Debajyoti sarkarAndreasO1

    Reply 2 years ago


    You can add one but it is not nessesery as every mobile has its own anti reverse feed system..........OK.Thanks for suggestion