Solar and AC Rechargeable Touch Light

Introduction: Solar and AC Rechargeable Touch Light

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Hi There , here's my latest project that I thought I would share , 
the solar and ac rechargeable touch light ,
in my last project I showed you how to make a touch switch out of a 555 timer ,

this project your going to need to look at how I made the touch switch first in the last project before we get started ,
to do that go here  
ok if you have already done that great then lets get started , 
p.s I did upload a schematic on step one  if you don't want to check out my last project ,

first  somethings that I must say ,
I'am  NOT in anyway responsible for any injuries that may happen ,
you must be careful when using Tools both Manuel and powered ,
you are responsible for your own actions ,
ok then enough of that ,
lets get to work   

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Step 1: What You Need

ok your going to need a few things I used what I had laying around ,
so go to your junk / parts box and dig out the fallowing below ,
the top of a solar lite and solar cell
bridge rectifier diode
led 1.5 volt any color will do ,
rechargeable battery 4.5 volt ,
5.1volt dc charger and socket that fits the charger ,
the touch switch from my last project  
small gauge wire ,
piece of plastic any kind I used a lid from a container ,
a couple of paper clips

next the tools you will need 
soldering gun ,
lead free solder , 
glue gun , 
cutters or small bolt cutter ,

here's the schematic you need and 555 timer pinout you need  :) 
also heres the touch switch schematic from my last project ,
your going to need to make the touch switch first . 
once you did move on to the next step

Step 2: OK Getting It Together

ok take apart your old solar light and gut everything but the solar cell keep it in the frame , ok next ,
take the battery and insert it into the frame ,
after that solder the dc socket to the battery leads ,
next solder the diode to the solar cell lead ,
once that is done solder the solar cell the the battery leads ,
and then wire up your touch switch ,
now moving on to the next step

Step 3: Connecting and Testing

ok now time to test what we made , 
touch the on paper and the led should turn on ,
and then touch the off paper clip and the led should turn off , 
if the led does not turn off don't worry take the reset wire and tap it to the off paper clip and it will turn off ,
note your going to need the reset wire handy so solder a small piece of solder or foil to the end of the reset wire ,
i'll tell were to put the reset wire in the next step ,
reason  why the led stays on and will not go off when touch the off paper clip is the solar cell ,
the solar acts like a photo censor  and will keep it on in the light / day time ,
so that is where the reset wire comes in ,
in the dark it works great it turns on and off without resetting it but not so well in the light ,
ok on to the next step

Step 4: Almost There

ok almost done the just  couple of things left , 
take all but the touch clips and reset wire and place carefully in the frame and use the glue gun and glue it in place ,
next take a bolt cutter and cut a small hole on the side , 
now run all three wires out the reset wire and the two touch paper clip wires trough the hole ,
next glue the two touch paper clips to the side one on the right and one on the left the reset wire should go in the middle ,
note leave enough  lenght on the reset wire so it can touch the off paper clip ,
once done take your plastic and size it to fit  the top of your frame , 
next put a small hole in the middle of your plastic and run the led trough it ,
and then make another hole for your dc socket ,
now glue your plastic to the top of your frame ,  

Step 5: The Fun Part

Ok now that were finished  time to try it out ,
you can see  in the picture its working like it should , 
now I"ll try using the wall charger and it works to yes ,
but wait why stop there right it is after all a solar lite hmm ok you talked me into outside we go ,
how about that the solar works to ,
well I hoped you enjoyed reading and viewing this as much as I liked posting it for you ,

thanks for viewing everyone    :)

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