Solar Led Light Bucket

Introduction: Solar Led Light Bucket

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These solar light buckets are pretty cool easy to make and a great gift. All you do is put yard solar lights in a white 5 gallon bucket add some stickers and you have a great yard light. Also if you silicone the solar lights so that there water proof you can take it camping for a night light and also use it to transport stuff. I would recommend putting a rock in it so that it doesn't blow over.

solar lighs

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Step 1: Tools and Supplies:



drill bit size of solar light

sand paper


silcone dispenser


5 gallon bucket

5 gallon bucket lid

solar lights



Step 2: Making the Bucket:

Making this is pretty straight forward. Solar lights are pretty cheap or can repair broken ones for this project. I used a drill and a drill bit made for drilling holes for door nobs. I drilled out 5 holes for the solar lights. Then i sanded down the holes. Then i pushed the solar light in the holes and used silicone to glue them to the lid. I ordered horse decals online that put on it for decoration.

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