Solar Out Door Work Lights

Introduction: Solar Out Door Work Lights

So we just moved are barn and now competing against the day light to fill in the old foundation and bury new electric and water lines before the ground freezes.To fix are little dilemma and go green at the same time I decided to take an old lawnmower battery that was lying around, a 5 W solar panel, and an old tripod and make us a light that would require this tripping over a power cord.

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Step 1: Lights

Take your plywood and drill holes that allow the bolts on the lights to be screwed on. Then take the black,negative, or ground wire and ground it out on by screwing a washer between the end and the wood.

Step 2: Power Switch

Next take your switch and mount it as you please. I took mine and used one bolt to hold it on place. I then took the positive or red wires from the lights and plugged them into the back of the switch.

Step 3: The Tripod

Next I took a cheap tripod and drilled a hole in the center of the plywood. Then took the tripod and drilled a hole in the cap of the main post then fitting a bolt through the plywood then the cap with a nut at the end and popping the cap back in to place. To find the center of the wood measure the length and width of the wood and divid by two making the quotient or answer the half way point of the wood. Then find where the points cross at the center

Step 4: Solar Panel

Next i mounted the panel to the plywood with a couple of screws. Also covering up the tripod bolt at the same time.

Step 5: Battery

Finally I took the power wires from the switch and connecting them to the battery. Then take the alligator clamps that lead from the solar panel and connect them to the battery. Put it out in the sun to charge then later that night try it out.

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