Solar Generator -- Emergency Power Supply -- Portable Camp Power

Introduction: Solar Generator -- Emergency Power Supply -- Portable Camp Power

Hi All –Here's another one of my projects: DIY -- Solar generator  --  emergency power supply – portable camp power

This is a solar system that i built a couple years ago. I just did a major upgrade on the system with brand new batteries, solar charger, wiring, fuses and AC charging system. Pretty much everything was changed. The main box is a bit heavy, weighting about 35 LBS plus the extra battery is another 15 LBS. The system has been well tested under loads, though I have not had a chance to fully charge on solar yet. The box is well fused and all connections have been crimped or soldered or both. The box is not exactly water proof but pine is very easy to work with and it’s strong. Maybe in a later design in move everything to a better water proof enclosure.

Thanks for looking, let me know what you think.

Systems Specifications:

Batteries:  83Ah
    6 12V 8Ah AGM UB1280 internal
    1 12V 35Ah AGM UB12350 external

Input Power:
    1 Net Meter Solar LCD30 30 Amp solar charger
        2 Solar panel connectors: 80 Watts Total
            1 General Electric GEPV-050-MNA 50 Watt panel
            1 (3) Solartech spm010p 10 Watt panels tied together for 30 Watts
        1 LIND 3.5 Amp 12VDC to 18VDC converter for car lighter charging
    1 Battery Tender 5 Amp 120VAC battery charger
         1 Switch to isolate external battery charging
    1 set of 12VDC lugs for cables…

Output Power:
    1 120VAC (2 Sockets) Black & Decker inverter  750 Watt @ 6.52 Amps
    2 5VDC USB sockets
        1 on the inverter
        1 Energiser USB charger
    1 12VDC Accessory outlet
    1 12VDC socket for 12VDC Actiontec DSL modem with wifi
    1 set 12VDC lugs

    1 Volt Amp Meter (switched) (added 4/16/2013) with directional current switch
    1 12VDC Accessory outlet
    1 12VDC Sub-accessory outlet
    1 12VDC battery desulfator circuit (switched)
    1 12VDC Actiontec DSL modem with wifi
    3 Circuit inductor LEDs

    1 11 Watt florescent hacked from a Coleman 12VDC lantern
    1 20 Watt 12VDC Xenon
    1 1.4 Watt AmerTec 12VDC White LED Strip
    1 2 Watt 12VDC Blue LED strip

    1” x 6” pine

Rough Dimensions:
    25” x 7” x 6”

"A battery does not store electrons. It stores the metal and chemicals needed to produce electricity." -Unknown Source

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