Solar Water Filter




Introduction: Solar Water Filter

In order to clean the water we can use filters, for this project we decided to use the solar power to clean it. The process of filtration is to put water into a closed box, then inside the box will be a recipient of water and finally put at the solar exposition. When it starts evaporating the water it will be condensed at the top of the box which will have a glass cover. The top will have an inclination to allow the drops of water slide to a tube of PVC to accumulate the water. The process of evaporation will be accelerated by heating the water by a resistance that will be powered by a solar panel. To make this project we need:

-Solar Panel @12 V

-Water resistance

-Glass (aprox 50*40cm)

-Wood (aprox 2 m^2)

-Glue for wood


- PVC tube (aprox 50 cm)

-Black paint


Step 1: Building the Wood Box

To build the wood box we use the design of the figure shown, then we cut and paste the wood in order to get the box for our filter. Also we have to make a glass cover with dimensions about 50*40cm.

Step 2: Adapting the Box

Paint the box with black paint in order to concentrate more the sunlight in the box. Also we have to put the PVC tube in the lower part of the top of the box in order to accumulate there the clean water. The tube has to have a groove in order to get the drops of clean water enter in the tube.

Step 3: Connect the Resistance

Connect the solar panel to the resistance in order to generate more heat to the water. We need all the current possible to produce heat so it´s connected directly.

Step 4: Placing the Circuit

Put the water resistance inside the box and the solar panel in a place in can be exposed to solar light.

Step 5: Placing the Cover

Put the glass cover and it´s finally concluded. Also we have to put a recipient in the bottom of the PVC exit hole to accumulate the clean water.

Step 6: ​Analyzing the Filter Functionality

The water filter has to be put in a place that we are secure that the sunlight will impact directly. By probing this filter we clean approximately 1 to two liters per day without the resistance. We consider that the day is about putting the wood box in the directly in the sunlight from 9 to 11 hours. By putting the resistance we cleaned 1.5 liters per day. The amount of water it can be cleaned depends if it was exposed directly to the sunlight, and the amount of heat in the environment.

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