Solder Dog

Introduction: Solder Dog

About: I'm always fixing, making, designing or restoring something. Then doing it all again.

A fun way for kids learning to solder or a grown up child like me


Electrical components to suit dog parts

4 resistors for legs
A resistor capacitor for body
A component suitable for head
2 small capacitors for ears

A soldering iron and solder to fix head in place
Pair of Bullnose pliars to twist wires

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Step 1: Legs

Start by twisting legs together and then secure to body by also twisting. Repeat at other end of body

Step 2: Head

Twist ears together ready to fix to back of head with a spot of solDer

Step 3: Attaching Head to Neck Wires

Put a spot of solder on back of head to attach ears to head

Step 4: Turn It Upright for Next Step

Step 5: Trim Legs With Wire Snips

Step 6: Alternative Designs

You can alter your breed of dog by using different components.

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