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Why use a fume extractor? "Exposure to rosin can cause eye, throat and lung irritation, nose bleeds and headaches. Repeated exposure can cause respiratory and skin sensitization, causing and aggravating asthma. Rosin is a serious occupational health hazard."

What can you do? Make this simple fume extractor! Just two main pieces and easy to assemble. The carbon will help filter the hazardous fumes. Other extractors online are expensive and some use batteries but I think this is better since it uses a wall outlet.

I am such a visual learner that I made this video that shows you all the steps so you don't have to view the steps below if you dont want to. Either way I hope you enjoy this simple project.

Follow directions correctly and always be smart and be safe.

Step 1: Materials

Titan 80mm Dual Way USB fan

Imagitarium Carbon Filter 10"x18"

Something thin and pointy like tweezers

A USB to wall outlet

USB extender (optional)

Carbon filter at Petco:

Fan at Frys electronics:

Step 2: Assemble Fan

The fan will come with 4 thin rubber pieces that will hold the fan together. Pull the 4 pieces all the way through starting with a black foam, then white foam with the fan inside, then black foam. The bluish Titan logo will face forward.

Step 3: Foam Base

The fan also comes with two circular foam pieces that you can slide on the base of the fan.

Step 4: Carbon Filter

Grab the carbon filter and cut a square 9cm x 9cm. The carbon kind of gets messy so put a paper towel underneath to catch any small pieces.

Keep the rest in case you need extra filters.

Step 5: Attach Carbon Filter

Use something thin and pointy to poke 4 holes into each corner of the carbon filter. The holes need to be thin enough so the rubber pieces will pass through and catch to hold it to the fan. The same way as the 4 rubber pieces are holding the 3 foam pieces of the fan.

Step 6: DONE!

With the carbon filter securely on the back of the fan, the smoke from the solder will be drawn into the fan and filter.

I hope you enjoyed this and if you did, feel free to check out my YouTube channel 3DSage for more fun projects!



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    8 Discussions


    10 months ago

    Nice job, it is a welcomed addition to any work bench. I bought one years back, but the AC fan motor is quite loud. It may be time to swap out the motor for a DC fan.

    Thanks for sharing,

    Build it Bob

    1 reply

    Reply 10 months ago

    Yes I am impressed with how quiet this fan is. It is a good addition to have. I am glad you liked this so thank you for the comment!


    Reply 11 months ago

    Thank you! It is designed that way and it works great for me.

    3DSagehadi engineer

    Reply 11 months ago

    Thank you for saying that. I'm glad you like it.


    Reply 11 months ago

    Thank you! Yes I think it does and it's quiet, strong suction, good filtering, no batteries to deal with, and easy to make.