Soldered Rim Pendant With Kate Richbourg at Beaducation - Step by Step Jewelry Making Video Tutorials

Introduction: Soldered Rim Pendant With Kate Richbourg at Beaducation - Step by Step Jewelry Making Video Tutorials

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This technique is the perfect way to jazz up your stamped pendants. In this class, instructor Kate Richbourg, shows how easy it is to add a soldered rim to a stamped blank. This comprehensive class outlines each step of the project from fitting a perfect wire rim to getting a great solder join every time. This class has a running time of 68 minutes.


Butane Torch Safety

Stamping on Metal

Introduction to Soldering

Lindstrom Chain Nose Pliers RX7893

Lindstrom Flat Nose Pliers RX7490

German Long Round Nose Pliers

Tronex Razor Flush Cutter, Oval Head - Long Handle, #7513

1 lb Brass Head Mallet

2.5" x 2.5" Steel Bench Block

Sliding Millimeter Gauge

Small Metal Ruler

Steel Ring Mandrel

Plastic Mallet

Variety of Letter Stamps

Variety of Design Stamps

Cool Cup with Gripping Tweezers

Blazer Butane Torch

Butane fuel

Fire extinguisher

Gripping Tweezers - Wooden Handle

Kiln Brick

Noncombustible work surface

Penny Brite - or Sparex with a Pickle Pot

Safety Glasses

Solder Picks, Set of 3

Complete Engraver Tool Set - or other rotary hand tool

Pro Polish Pad (pack of 10)

Rubber gloves

Liver of Sulfur

Wet/Dry Sanding Paper Mixed Grit Pack



16g Gold Filled, Round, Dead Soft Wire - 1/2 oz (~4.5ft) - is used in the class. Wire 14-18 gauge works for this class. You'll need 4 inches for a 7/8 inch blank.

Sterling Silver Circle, 22mm (.87"), 24g - is used in the class. Any blanks from 1/2 inch to 1 inch work great. The gauge is up to you.

Silver Solder Paste SOFT, 1/4 oz

Silver Solder Paste MEDIUM, 1/4 oz


Lortone Tumbler, 3 Pound Capacity

Stainless Steel Shot for Tumbling, 2 Pound Bag

Shine Brite Burnishing Compound

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