Soldering Holder




Introduction: Soldering Holder

Notice when i use my design you should be having your wood and cut whatever is the following!+

(This was for a project in my school)

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

1.Soldering tool




5.drill gun






11.super glue

Step 2: Making a Design

Your design primarily to hold your soldering tool, if you do then you can add on and so forth.

I'll be designing it on here since its easier for me

Step 3: Make Your Base

Make it 5in by 2.5in

Then Extrude it by 0.5in

Step 4: Make Measurements for Your First Holder

Make construction lines on both top left and right points going to the middle.

Then going 1.254in down make a construction line going across the base

Step 5: Making the 1st Holder

Now get a rectangle and place the first point and put your second point across it, then make the height 1in

This should be another block of wood

Step 6: Measurements for the Second Place Holder

Now make a construction line at the half mark of the rectangle going down as the red lines i marked for 1.250in

Step 7: Making the Second Holder

Just like when we made our first one the Distance from both of them should be 1.5 in apart

This should be another block of wood

Step 8: Extruding It

Now extrude both of them 1.5in

Step 9: Start a 2-D Sketch

Start it on where the X is on the 1st holder

Step 10: Making the Holder #1

Get a Arc line and put point 1 and point 2 across from each other

Go down and put in 0.7

The Extrude it using Direction 2 to cut it

Step 11: Cutting the 2nd Holder

Start a 2-D sketch on that face of the rectangle

Make a rectangle and make the height 0.5in

Then extrude it going Direction 2 (MAKE SURE IT DOES NOT CUT #1 PLACE HOLDER)

Step 12: Making the Holder #2

Start a 2-D sketch on that face on place holder #2

then get an arc and make both points on each end point and put in 1.5in

You will need to create a line going across on top the arc to close it so you can extrude it

Extrude it going Direction 2

Step 13: Finished!

It should like this

Once you super glue it, nail it, or screw it on.

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