Soldering Smoke-absorber Powered by Single Chip

Introduction: Soldering Smoke-absorber Powered by Single Chip

this is a small "smoke-absorber" which is used to absorb a small account of smoke. (i was going to throw this candy box but it dawned to that it could be something useful)

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Step 1: Drill the Box

we need to drill the box

holes are 4*5

windows 1*front 1* back

make sure the two windows are right opposite to guarantee the air/smoke flow easily.

Step 2: The Single Chip (16 Pins)

we need a single chip (16 pins) to display numbers on the LED.

then fix the chip on the front, you could use clue,just place it well in the hole.

Step 3: Make a "mesh Board" Using Acrylic Plate and Pin a Fan in It

heat a Acrylic plate til it make the same curvy lines with the box, cuz we need to put into the box.

Drill as many holes on it as possible, to make the air and smoke flow as free and fast as they can.remember to drill a hole in the center of the plate for a motor. then put the small electric-motor in the middle of the plate.and connect the fan.

Step 4: USB Hole

leave a particular rectangle that will suit your USB for charging.

Step 5: Melt Adhesive and Assemble

melt adhesive and assemble

make the parts tight, watch out the position of the parts that are close to the holes and window.

Step 6: Enjoy and the End

there is a on and off button on the top.USB is set. it is small and can only absorb a little amount of smoke, just for fun.

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    3 Discussions


    3 years ago

    There seem to be a few details missing here. What is the "chip"? What is the circuit and where is the schematic? What exactly is the purpose of the display? What does it display? What is the purpose of the "USB charging"? Why does a "smoke absorber" need any type of controller? If a controller is needed for your design, what purpose does it serve? What happens to the smoke that this device "absorbs"?


    Reply 3 years ago

    it is a 51single chip with 16 pins. the design mimics a kitchen ventilator, but itself has not big meaning, just a reuse of candy box. the display records the time of working, and the usb charging is for power supply. the smoke just goes out of the second window, in real designs, it is a window where we want the bad gas goes out of.


    3 years ago

    That's a good reuse of materials, and it fits perfectly! :)