Soldering Smoke Dispenser - Filter



This is my version of soldering smoke dispenser / filter.

You will need :
1 box
1 12v computer fan
1 12v rechargeable battery
1 Carbon filter bag (can be found in pet stores)

I used that plastic electric casing i often use for projects.
Now, I apologize for not photographing the process of the making however it is pretty simple.

I cut a round whole on each side of the box and mounted a computer fan on the outside.
Take notice of the fan airflow direction, you want the air to be sucked out of the box.
I mounted a peace of clot between the fan and the box to use as a big debris filter.

I put the carbon filter bag (bought from a pet store) inside and closed the whole thing, duct taped the yellow wire to
the box so it wont get tangled and then connected it's black (-) and red (+) wires to a 12v battery.

Now when I solder the smoke get sucked inside the filter and absorbed by the carbon and i can again breath ...



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