Soldering Station Helping Hands

always found helping hands for soldering a 100% must have but never managed to find one other than the $5-10 type with two alligator clips and a magnifying glass and they are not much good. hence my first attempt at an instructable and soldering work station and without spending too much!!

1. Large Bamboo Carving Chopping Board Block Worktop Saver 50cm x 30cm x 3cm. NP-152 £6.99

2. 10 pcs 50mm Plastic Handle Test Probe Metal Alligator Clips. £0.85

3. 6 x Plastic Flexible Water Oil Coolant Pipe Hoses. £2.54

4. Silicone Heat Insulation Pad Desk Mat Repair Maintenance Work Platform Soldering £4.93

so £15.31 all in including postage. the chopping board was biggest outlay as i had no spare timber and i managed to salvage the magnifying glass from my helping hand i purchased many moons ago. i connected the alligator clips by inserting a M4x40 cap head bolt through the red nozzles and then soldered the alligator clip to them. popping my reels of solder over the hoses so they are held in place but spin freely is rather handy too. the hoses are held in place by first drilling a slight interference fit into the board and securing with a bit epoxy glue.

So there it is! nice and simple and similar to many previous posts on helping hands but its mine and love it!!!!



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    That's a really nice setup!

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