Soldering Station Third Hand for 19$

About: Artist 2d 3d (currently Illustrator for Ubisoft Mtl). Physics & Art. starting to do DIY in my garage !

Intro: Soldering Station Third Hand for 19$

Here's a decent DIY affordable soldering station "third hand". Yes you can build one cheaper with thick metal wiring, but it will be hard to place the clip where you exactly want them in space. This setup is the minimum really.

Step 1: Parts List

You will need:

  • wooden plate (or whatever plate)
  • Flexible Plastic Pipe 3.66$ ebay
  • Mini Spring Clip 0.37$ HomeDepot or 0.57$ Rona
  • Epoxy 1$ at your dollar-store

Step 2: Simple Build

Simple as: drill holes and epoxy all together !

Voilà !



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