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Hi guys.

Not really a true instructable but has just helped me out a great deal in a little job the wife wanted doing - she needed one of our ceiling lights lowered on a kind of extension so light fell directly from above onto her drawing board where she paints and does her scribe work.

I needed to hold the cable for tinning and soldering but being cable it wanted to twist and turn every time I let it have a bit of slack, plus  it is the age old problem of not enough hands for the job - - who could help??.

Aha!! - my trusty tape measure came to mind - it is pretty heavy and as you can see from the picture the cable fitted a treat under the belt clip - third hand - wire held - job done - - happy wife - - all good.

If your in a fix try it out.

Step 1: Saved

For such a simple bit of observation this was a massive help - ya know what it is like - soldering without one of those gizmos for holding the wire made out of crocodile clips can be a pain - this should work well with many sizes of wire so I for one will be keeping how it helped logged in me noggin.

Take care.




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