Soldering Basic SMD




Introduction: Soldering Basic SMD

I am trying how to solder some basic SMD device, like 0805 package resistors, diode, capacitor, etc, there are some differences with the normal through hole soldering. 

First I got the SMD training PCB board here:

there is a basic PCB board can solder a few these SMD components on it free almost no any function on it, but you can use multimeter to test it if soldering well.Cost $1.8 for entire kit!

And there are more stuffs need: 
Soldering wire
30W Soldering Iron
Plastic Soldering Iron Rack

hat's all of it for basic. Put the Board on the soldering rack.

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Step 1: Solder One Side Pad of the 0805 Resistor

Now see the picture, put some solder with your normal soldering iron on one side of the 0805 resistor pad, can be left or right, I choose the right, Look at the resistor I did R21, R24, R23.

And use tweezer grab your 0805 package resistor, and put it on the pad, heat it up with your iron, the resistor will be soldered on the pad on the one side, Now look at resistor R22.

Step 2: Solder Another Side Pad of the R22 Resistor

Now put some more soldering on other side! it's the left side pad for me, now it's fully soldered, still look at the resistor R22.

Step 3: Done!

Now, it's all done, you can take a look at the components I did on the board, Resistor, capacitor, diode and an SOT 23 component.

Unluckily, I didn't solder the SOT 16 sucessfully.

You can view more info on our documented side here.

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    4 years ago on Introduction

    Anyone who's found this page should try a cheap air rework station (hot air gun) set to, say 250C and some solder paste. Here's an 0603 10uF ceramic cap I reflowed on the back of some standard breadboard a few days ago, using that method as described with solder paste and an air rework station.

    0603 cap.png