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Introduction: Solderless Music LED Bottle

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The Solderess Music LED bottle is a music controlled light box that

lights up when the BASS is around ohh yeah!!!

now let's get the lighting started! yeeahhh!

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Step 1: Materials for the Light Show!

the materials are as follows:

2 Tip 31 transistor

8 LED's

Aligator pins

heat shrink tubing

TRS audio plug

12V dc source




sand paper

and a lot of patience...

Step 2: Scheme for the Schematic

Now get your LED's and scrape the tip of their heads to make it look more opaque,

now bend their feet and with the wires insert the heat shrink tubing,

now connect the feet of the led and the wires by twisting them both,

now insert in place the tubing and heat it all up with a lighter,

Now this is the key for this solderless project, all it takes is some heat shrink tubing and a heat source,

now follow the design schematic, and now your finish with the circuit.

Step 3: Enclosure Enclosure Enclosure

Now to prep up the enclosure,

sand the bottle, make some holes and now you're done!.

detailed approach!: after sanding the bottle, drill two holes on top for the input wires,

now drill some hole at the bottom of the bottle for the audio plug,

and now you're done!

Step 4: Power ON!

Now power the circuit,

Insert it to the phone and Watch the light show!.

This project was inspired by Kipkay from Makezine.

Great project! Thanks kipkay!

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