Solicitor Repellent

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Hiya folks!  I have found myself in a bit of a situation of late....
The problem
:  I get an ungodly (pun intended LOL) number of door to door church folks, political canvassers, book sellers, etc knocking at my door.  This gets the dogs and kids all worked up, and puts me in the position of:
a) suffering through a pitch/witnessing and feeling put upon
b) buying things I don't want/need or giving the impression I condone or agree with what folks are saying
c) turning the poor souls away (which is uncomfortable for me, because darn it, I know they are working hard)

BUT- I didn't like any of the "No Soliciting" signs I was finding- too rude, too pricey, or didn't leave room for the few I DO want to do business with.

The solution:   Google Images and Open Office to the rescue!  I simply took my basic criteria, added some corresponding images, printed them out, put them into plastic page protectors, and used spray adhesive to attach them to the inside of my front storm door.

Hope you enjoy them!  Feel free to use them, copy and alter them, or whatever suits your fancy :-)



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