Solid Model of a Pumpkin

Introduction: Solid Model of a Pumpkin

Just in time for Halloween, this solid model of a pumpkin will make a great base model for you to modify for all of you 3D printed Jack-o'-lanterns. 

This model was created by making a single loft curve and copying that curve to planes at 22.5 degrees and 45 degrees relative to the original sketch plane. The middle curve was then manipulated to create the bulge in each of the wedges of the pumpkin. Guide curves were created as 3D splines between the nodes of the three curves. To create 1 of the 8 wedges, the two outer curves were lofted together and set to follow the guide curves that connected the nodes. This process created 1/8th of the pumpkin.

The next step was a simple circular array of the single wedge to create the body of the pumpkin. During this phase, the bottom of the pumpkin was sliced off to make the 3D printed pumpkin sit level. 

The final modelling step was to create the stem. The bottom of the stem is draw on a plan that is embedded below the dip in the top of the pumpkin. The top of the stem is draw on a plane that is offset above the pumpkin and angled relative to the horizontal plane. Both of these curves are closed 2D splines. A 3D spline connects the top and bottom of the stem to create the curve of the stem. The stem was lofted from the bottom spline to the top spline following the path of the 3D spline. 

To finish off the model, the pumpkin was colored orange and brown.

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    4 Discussions

    Doug Costlow
    Doug Costlow

    6 years ago on Introduction

    Could you upload this model in step format? I'd really like to use this for a project I'm working on. Thanks


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Cute! You should post it here and get a little one printed.