SolidWorks Mechanical Pencil

Introduction: SolidWorks Mechanical Pencil

The basics of SolidWorks modeling!  This Instructable will show you all the steps in modeling a mechanical pencil.  Seriously though, everybody needs a pencil!

Step 1: Create the Sketch

On the Front Plane, sketch a hexagon using the polygon sketch tool.  

Step 2:

Dimension the inner circle to desired dimensions.

Step 3: Extruding the Sketch and Cutting the Hole

Using the extrude boss/base tool, extrude the sketch.

Next, Use the extruded cut tool, and cut out the dimensioned circle from the extruded hexagonal prism.

Step 4: The Pencil Point

 -Draw another circle of the same diameter in place of the hole, and extrude it a little bit.  This will be used to create the pencil point!

-Click the Dome tool, and check the box "elliptical dome."  Adjust the dimension of the dome until the point is created

-Fillet the edges around the dome base to make the pieces more flowing with each other. 

-Next, draw a circle on the front face of the main extrude, and offset it from the face of the dome.  This will be where the pencil lead will come from.

-Draw another circle and extrude it for the lead part.  You can also create an eliptical dome on this to make it more pointy.

Step 5: The Side Clip

- Click on on of the rectangular faces of the extruded hexagon body.

-Sketch a square on the face, and extrude it.

-Next, sketch a larger rectangle on the square face, and extrude it as well.

Step 6: The Inside/Eraser Top

-Open up a new part to make the inside rod/ eraser component. 

-Sketch a circle on the front plane that is the same diameter as the hole on the other part.

-Extrude the circle so that it is a bit longer than the length of the extruded cut on the other part.

-Draw another Circle on the front face of the extruded rod, that has a larger diameter.  (This will be the eraser base)

-Extrude this larger circle.

-Draw another extruded circle that is the same diameter as the rod on top of the eraser base.

Last, cut a hole through the rod with a diameter that is smaller than the rod diameter. 

Step 7: Making an Assemble of Parts

-Open a new assembly file. 

-Browse for the component sketch that you used to make the main body of the pencil, as well as the inner rod of the pencil.  Insert the components into the assembly window.

-Click the mate button, and then select the bottom ring face of the rod component, as well as the inner circular face of the hole in the main body component.  *create a coincident mate*

-Create another mate, and click the cylindrical face of the rod, and the inner hole face of the main body.  *concentric mate these faces.*

Step 8: Adding Color and Material

-To change the color and material that the pencil is made of, select the change appearances tab. 

-Select the component that you want to modify, and then select the material or color in the side bar. 

Step 9: Final Product

Add any fillets or other appearances as desired!!

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    very nice, did you do any work on the mechanism that makes the lead come out?